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Germany Amusement, Theme & Water Parks

Aqua Tropicana im Ostseebad Damp

Water rides, waterslide, prehistoric park, pool
Damp, 24351, GERMANY
Phone 49/4352808001


Stage shows, water rides, waterslide, poot, solarium
Am Wilfenseeweg
Neckarsulm, 74172, GERMANY
Phone 49/71322052

blub Badeparadies

Water rides, fitness club, pool, waterslides
Buschkrugallee 64
Berlin, 12359, GERMANY
Phone 49/306064067

Churpfalzpark Loifling

Amusement Park
Flower gardens, bumper boats, carousel, roller coaster
Churpfalzweg 6
Cham/Opf., 93455, GERMANY
Phone 49/997130300

Dinosaurier Park Muenchehagen

Theme Park
Dinosaur park, carousel, picnic grounds
Hannoversche Str. 23
Rehburg-Loccum, 31547, GERMANY
Phone 49/50372073

Eifelpark Gondorf

Amusement Park/Zoo
Wild animal park, stage shows, bumper boats, waterslide, puppet theater
Gondorf bei Bitburg, 54647, GERMANY
Phone 49/65652131

Erlebnispark Tripsdrill

Amusement Park
Animal shows, carousel, driving range, museum, roller coaster, winery, zoo
Cleebronn/Tripsdrill, 74389, GERMANY
Phone 49/713554081

Erlebnispark Ziegenhagen

Amusement Park/Zoo
Bumper cars, museum, zoo, picnic grounds
Hesse 37127, GERMANY
Phone 49/5545246


Amusement Park
Historic fair, antique cars, jumping boats, paddle boats
Gifhorner Strasse 2
Uetze, 31311, GERMANY
Phone 49/5173352


Theme Park
Animal shows, carousel, go-karts, ice rink, roller coaster, stage shows
Europa-Park-Strasse 2
Bust/Baden, 77977, GERMANY
Phone 49/7822770

Fraenkisches Wunderland Plech

Amusement Park
Western town theme, carousel, roller coaster, stage shows, bull riding
Plech, 91287, GERMANY
Phone 49/92449890

Freizeit-Land Geiselwind

Amusement Park
Bumper boats, carousel, roller coaster, zoo
P.O. Box 42
Geiselwind, 96160, GERMANY
Phone 49/9556224

Frezeitpark Lochmuhle GmbH

Amusement Park
Carousel, roller coaster, zoo, picnic grounds
Hesse 61273, GERMANY
Phone 49/61757084

Freizeitpark Schloss Beck

Amusement Park
Carousel, go-karts, ferris wheel, roller coaster, museum, zoo
Am Dornbusch 39
Bottrop/Kirchhellen, 46244, GERMANY
Phone 49/20455134

Freizeitpark Verden

Amusement Park
Animal shows, carousels, Fairytale park, boat ride, raft trips
Lindhooper Str. 135
Verden/Aller, 27283, GERMANY
Phone 49/423164083


Theme Park
Animal and acquatic shows, carousel, roller coasters, stage shows, botanical gardens
Am Fahrenkrog 1
Neustadt/Holstein, 23730, GERMANY
Phone 49/45637051


Amusement Park
Acquatic shows, roller coaster, bob sled, wet rides, zoo
Soltau, 29614, GERMANY
Phone 49/51915022

Holiday Park

Amusement Park/Theme Park
Animal and acquatic shows, bumper boats, carousel, roller coaster, water rides
Ganerg 6
Hassloch/Pfalz, 67454, GERMANY
Phone 49/6324599390


Amusement Park
Safari park, animal shows, roller coaster, stage shows, picnic grounds
Mittweg 16, Schloss Holte
Stukenbrock, 33758, GERMANY
Phone 49/520788696

Kurpfalzpark Wachenheim/Weinstrasse

Amusement Park/Zoo
Wild animal park, animal shows, bumper boats, carousel, hotel/motel, campgrounds
Forsthaus Rossteig
Wachenheim a.d.W., 67157, GERMANY
Phone 49/63252077

No Name City

Theme Park
Western town, stage shows, museum, petting zoo
Martin-Kollar-Strasse 13
Muenchen, 81829, GERMANY
Phone 49/894200070

Panorama-Park Sauerland

Amusement Park
Wild animal park, animal shows, bumper boats, carousel, go-karts, roller coaster, hotel/motel
Kirchundem, NRW 57399, GERMANY
Phone 49/2723774202


Theme Park
Carousel, ice rink, roller coaster, wet rides, stage shows
Berggeistsrasse 31-41
Bruehl, 50321, GERMANY
Phone 49/2232360

Potts Park

Amusement Park
Carousel, go-karts, museum, roller coaster, waterslide
Bergkirchener Strasse 99
Minden/Duertzen, 32429, GERMANY
Phone 49/57151088


Amusement Park
Carousel, go-karts, roller coaster, wet rides
OT, Benstorf
Salzhemmendorf, 31020, GERMANY
Phone 49/51536874

Sportparadies Gelsenkirchen

Stage shows, water rides, wavepool, waterslides, pool
Gelsenkirchen, 45891, GERMANY
Phone 49/20972044

Spreepark Berlin GmbH

Amusement Park
Animal shows, auto racetrack, carousel, roller coaster, museum
Kiehnwerderalle 1-3
Berlin, 12437, GERMANY
Phone 49/30688350


Amusement Park
Carousel, animal circus, roller coaster, zoo
Hesse 65388, GERMANY
Phone 49/61244081

Warner Bros. Movie World

Theme Park
Carousel, water rides, go-karts, roller coaster, stage shows
Tonsholter Weg 13
Bottrop, 46244, GERMANY
Phone 49/2045899-899

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